How To Get MyVegas Free Chips In Mobile 2024 [Working]

Before starting to play this game first of all you have to know about what is MyVegas. This is one of the most popular and decent online slot machine game.This game is getting popular all over the world being introduced in the market by MGM group.

Many online slot games are available which are not free of cost. But when it comes to MyVegas you can play this game without any sort of investment. This game did not gives you real money but gives you Loyality points as well. More similar games: Judiking88 and Leocity88.

MyVegas Free Chips

How To Get MyVegas Free Chips?

You can use Chips as a game currency in Myvegas. If you want to play the game you need the chips. Every spin of the slot gives you a chips and if you lose, your chips will be gone.

Spinning the daily wheel: Thats the biggest source of getting chips.

Journey challenges: Are one of the best way to get chips and loyality points.

Tournament participation: Is the best way to earn extra chips and loyality points even though if you dont win tournament you will get something at the end.

Gifts from friends: Are the most convinent way to earn chips . Be sure to send some gofts in return.

Vip level: Vip level is something new and facinating in My Vegas chips. Your game level is increased by collecting different coins.Every Vip level has its own bounces, ranging from higher bounces to lower bounces. You can avail your bounces as soon as possible until it has been expired.

Levelling up: When the level of your game is up you will get free chips but in the other case the amount of chips that are needed to make your level of the game is to be up will make it unprofitable.

And finally you have to come back to our website to get more links and to avail more chips.

How to Get Free Chips On Android & iOS

For Android:

Click on the link below then you have to wait for the aap to open the there will be a popup which showed how many free chips are available.

For iOS:

If there is some sort of problem by collecting chips then you habe to close the aap. The easiest way is to copy the link which are given below and paste one the browser and then it should work.

How to get loyality points?

The most important thing is how to get loyality points before you start this game. Free chips are available with which you can play and earn points. Since MyVegas is mobile only aap, My Vegas free chips can only be collected in mobile devices only, available in both Android and IOs both.

Facing problems by collecting chips?

My Vegas related mobile aap is fun but sometimes chips collecting may be frustated for some gamers.Here some trobleshooting tips are available if you face any sort of problem.

Chip link is expired: This is usually a slot issue. When you click the link the aap opens and then you notice that pops says link has expired.

Then what should you do first and formost thing is you have to close the aap immidiately, and then click the link again and open the app.

You have to remember that everytime you collect the chip you have to close the app.

Chips link are not working: The most common issue in My Vegas slot app is that when you click the link nothing haapens the app loads but nothing happens.

Few options are present in this have to manually copy the link and paste on the browser.Hope this should work.

Chips are not adding to my total: Again most common issue with pop slot.Aap graphics shows that your chips have been collected after clicking on the link but in real your links have not been collected to the total amount.

The error comes when chip link have already collected. Instead of showing that link has been added or expired it showed chips have collected.

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